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Sunshower Essential Oil Diffuser Recipe

The Sunshower essential oil diffuser recipe captures the beauty and wonder of rain falling as the sun shines brightly. This blend combines woodsy and herbaceous scents with bright citrus and camphorous notes.

The Sunshower diffuser blend contains cypress, grapefruit, clary sage, and eucalyptus essential oils.

I like both regular cypress and blue cypress in this blend. I prefer Eucalyptus Blue, but Eucalyptus Radiata and Eucalyptus Globulus each work well, too.

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Sunshower Essential Oil Diffuser Recipe

4 drops of Cypress Essential Oil

3 drops of Grapefruit Essential Oil

2 drops of Clary Sage Essential Oil

1 drop of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Sunshower Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

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